A fish filet

A fish filet with two fillings approximately 30 cm long.

It is not necessary to cut the fish when filling. Fills with ease in the center.

Some examples

twofiller ®
The twofiller ® is a gourmet cooking tool that every chef needs. Even the novice cook can make a beautiful presentation. The professional chef will love the time is save in the kitchen.
The twofiller ® is a precision tool especially developed by Thomas Mensing for the gourmet cooking industry. Made out of stainless steel.
Quotes for specially designed utensils upon request.
Please give us a call or email at: info@twofiller.de
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Pictured is a veal with a creamy, golden center encrusted by a green pistachio mixture.
Two fillings of different color and texture are possible, creating a picture of perfection not only for the mouth but for the eyes.

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